A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In NANOBITE, you assume the role of NIMbus - the Nanobot Incubation Module - the latest technology out of Jillion Laboratories. NIMbus is a floating, thinking Nanobot factory, and your prime directive is to consume mass and convert it into nanobots, starting with small electronics and gradually progressing your tech until you're harvesting vehicles, humans, buildings, cities, mountains, planets, even STAR SYSTEMS. It's the Grey Goo Hypothesis on steroids. Or Katamari Damacy meets Portal. Something like that.

Use your Nanobots to attack and deconstruct opponents, to shield you from incoming projectiles, to sneak past system defenses and generally wreak havoc on the world. Those nanobots aren't gonna make themselves!

Install instructions

Download and go! :)
Should work with most controllers.


NanoBite.app.zip 26 MB
NanoBite.zip 53 MB

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