A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Global Game Jam 2016! Theme: Ritual!


Dude! Demon bros just showed up on your turf! They are acting real eggy bro, talkin' about how they are going to steal your water or some jazz. That ain't cool because with no water, you can't surf anymore bro! Also, what about Tony bro? Your pet shark can't live without water, dude. Time to catch some sick waves and pull some ballsatic tricks on these eggstraterrestrial dudes.


Move Forward - W or Up Arrow
Turn - A/D or Left/Right Arrows


No retreat, no surrender!:The protagonist is unable to go anywhere but forward, in every situation.

One hand tied behind my back:Create a game that can be played with only one hand. On mobile just one hand holding and playing at the same time i.e. just play with your thumb. Desktop, mouse only or keyboard only.


Code Flexer - Joey @JoeyMaru

Visual Juice Bros - TJ @Teejay_5 / Maeve @Chraeve

Bodacious Hud - Emily @Eweaves

Radical Tunes - Charlie @CharlieTinman

Install instructions

Built games are good to go! Mac and Windows downloads are available.
(Mac has been tested and working confirmed, I haven't had time to test Windows yet, if it isn't working for you, let me know!)

Plug and play controller support, but not as easy to control as keyboard.

If you are downloading the source, keep in mind that paid assets have been used (and removed before upload), and the project will not build in its current state. It will also not look as good as the built games as some of the shaders created have been removed.

To build the game you will need:

(PAID ASSET)InControl - For anamilistical controls.

For the same pretties:
(PAID ASSET)Shader Forge - Visual juice brah.
(PAID ASSET)Vacuum Shaders - More juice for the eyes.


Rightual - MAC 33 MB
Rightual - WINDOWS 62 MB
RightualFree - SOURCE 71 MB

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