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Hey everyone!

This is a global game jam game for 2017!

This is a team game where players play as small Tako trying to collect ink and deliver it to the goal!

Two players are on each team, ink is spawned on each side of the map. One Tako from each team collects the spawned ink, the other Tako has to steal it from the other team!

Only Tako with ink can shoot ink, and only Tako without ink can steal it. You can shoot (and stun), and steal ink from your team mate! Use this as a strategy to switch things up mid match!

Both Tako must be on the center goal platform at the same time while holding ink to win! Teams must work together to score.

If a Tako runs into the Chlorine Ducky, they will lose ink, and suffer a time penalty.

First to 3 wins!

4 Players Required. Game requires at least 3 controllers, one player may use keyboard.


KEYBOARD - Movement WASD + Arrow Keys Q - Charge/Shoot ink E - Steal ink when in range Space - Join Game Enter - Start Game Escape - Back

CONTROLLER- Left analog for movement Cross to Charge/Shoot and join game Square to steal ink Options to pause or start game Circle to back out


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